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    I became a real fan of chiropractic when I was 15 and injured my back and

    hip during high school cross-country. I tried traditional medical treatment 

    and prescription medicine but made no progress with my injury. A family 

    friend recommended an excellent chiropractor who helped my body recover from 

    that injury and stay injury-free. It was such a dramatic experience that I 

    knew then that I want to help other people in a similar way.

    A few years later I was offered a Regent scholarship to study Biology at UC

    Davis. After completing my undergraduate degree I attended Palmer College 

    of Chiropractic where I graduated with Clinical Excellence in June of 1992. 

    Due to my interest in sports injuries I also completed a CCSP (Certified 

    Chiropractic Sports Practitioner) specialization, and due to my work for the 

    City of San Jose I became certified to perform disability and impairment 

    ratings for the State of California. I have completed hundreds of med-legal 

    examinations during my 26 years in practice.

    I'm still a big fan of chiropractic. I use gentle chiropractic adjustments

    and physical therapy to relieve pain, restore function, and resolve injury

    without surgery or prescription meds. Then I help my patients stay active

    and injury free using exercise, ergonomics, and mobilization. I hope to make

    your chiropractic experience as dramatic as mine.